Advanced Ultrasonic Senors based Score detection Technology with Auto Calibration.

Patented Technology

 Accuracy in line with ISSF Standards.

Display Monitor

Display monitor with pre-installed software



Remote Hardware Health Diagnostics, Hardware Designed to last and for better user Experience and more...




 Let’s change the way you practice - Let’s shoot on Tachus!!

Tachus 25 Electronic Target System is the first ultrasonic based 'Made in India' Electronic Target System for 25 Meter Rapid Fire and Precision Shooting (5.6 mm, 0.22 Calibre). System works on robust ultrasonic measurement technology and uses a rubber band as medium for score detection. It Includes our proprietary Tachus 25 Scoring Software which has features like display of decimal score with direction, series total, match total,  4X Zoom, PDF reports and hardware health measurement. Software can be installed in a Windows OS based laptop/PC (Windows 7/8/10).Target and laptop/PC are connected via cable. Shots are displayed within fraction of second after fire. System comes with traffic light control (green and red lights) and inbuilt bullet trap. Bullet trap is filled with granules so there is no lead dust. The bullets are removed from the resealing gel plate braked and caught in the granules. 


It took 3+ years of research and development time for us to build Tachus 25 Electronic Target System. System is built with the help and support of many top national and International shooters. 


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