Advanced Ultrasonic Senors based Score detection Technology with Auto Calibration.

Patented Technology

 Accuracy in line with ISSF Standards.

Display Monitor

Display monitor with pre-installed software



Remote Hardware Health Diagnostics, Hardware Designed to last and for better user Experience and more...




 Let’s change the way you practice - Let’s shoot on Tachus!!

Tachus 25/50 is an acoustic based Electronic Target System suitable for 25 Meter Pistol Events (Precision and Rapid Fire targets, 0.22 Calibre). The target frame is protected by a 5 mm steel plate. There are four acoustic sensors placed in the corners of the frame for maximum accuracy and stability. We use rubber band which can be pulled down by 500 mm after every 500 shots. Length of rubber band is 20 Meter and each rubber band can take 20,000 approximately.


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