Tachus Range Management Set up:


Tachus Lane Control Desk: 


Tachus Lane Control Desk is designed to set up and control multiple lanes (Upto 10 Lanes) of Tachus Electronic Target in a range. It allows range officers/mangers to set up all the details (Including shooter's name, lane number, port name, match and event type) of multiple users from a single desk. It can be connected with each system wirelessly (Wi-Fi network). It also has feature to print match reports and match summary of each lane.





Tachus Display and Ranking Desk: 


Tachus Display and Ranking Desk is designed to display real time performances of multiple shooters (Up to 10) on a single screen. This desk not just shows real time scores but ranking of the participants as well. It can be connected wirelessly on Wi-Fi Network with up to 10 Lanes. This Desk can also be connected to big screen to engage the audience in the range.

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