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Tachus 10 Electronic Target System




Tachus 10 Electronic Target System has been designed and developed for 10-meter air rifle and 10-meter air pistol shooting events. It is the first electronic target system in India to employ ultrasonic technology, making it very accurate and appropriate for both personal training and competitions. The system has already been deployed to 100+ shooting ranges across 16 states in India, and more than 3,000 shooters are presently use it for training purposes. In addition, it has been successfully utilized in several club-level competitions throughout India, attesting to its dependability and efficacy. Whether you are looking to improve your personal shooting skills or host a competitive event, this Tachus 10 Electronic Target System is an ideal choice.




Tachus 10 Electronic Target System employs a paper roll that automatically moves after each shot. When pellet strikes paper, a sound wave is generated that is detected by ultrasonic sensors. The sensors then transform this acoustic data into an electrical signal, which is then processed to establish the shot's location. This information is used by the system to calculate the score and display it in real-time on the screen.


Simple Installation and Intuitive Interface:


Tachus 10 Electronic Target System is designed for simple installation in a variety of environments, including homes and shooting ranges, and features an intuitive interface and extensive capabilities. The system comes with proprietary scoring software that can be installed on any Windows-based laptop or PC (running Windows 7/8/10) and allows users to personalize their training sessions, view shot placements in real-time, and has analytics options that can be very helpful for coaches and shooters to identify patterns and mistakes.


Additional Attributes:


In addition to its accurate scoring capabilities, Tachus 10 Electronic Target System includes additional features such as an adjustable internal LED illumination system for the target face, a removable pellet-trap for easy maintenance, and the use of high-quality components from reputable vendors to ensure a long life with minimal upkeep. It is a sturdy and reasonably priced electronic target system that is perfect for personal training and competitive shooting competitions.


Overall, Tachus 10 Electronic Target System is a dependable and efficient tool for shooters to develop their abilities and precision. It is designed to be both sturdy and cost effective, making it a perfect option for personal training and shooting competitions. Here you will find user reviews.

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