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Advanced Ultrasonic Senors based Score detection Technology with Auto Calibration.

Patented Technology

 Accuracy in line with ISSF Standards.


Feature Rich Software with options like 4x Zoom, Match Report, Match Summary etc. Software is compatible with Windows 



Remote Hardware Health Diagnostics, Unique Pellet  Collector, Designed to last and for better user Experience and more...





Tachus 10 Electronic Target System is a state-of-the-art electronic training system for air rifle and air pistol shooting events. Developed in India, it is the first Indian electronic target system to utilize ultrasonic technology, making it highly accurate and suitable for both personal training and competitions. The system has already been deployed in over 100 shooting academies across 16 states in India and is currently being used by more than 3,000 shooters for training. Additionally, it has been successfully utilized in numerous club-level competitions across India, attesting to its reliability and effectiveness. Whether you are looking to improve your personal shooting skills or host a competitive event, this Tachus 10 Electronic Target System is an ideal choice.


Tachus 10 Electronic Target System uses a paper roll as a medium, which moves automatically after each shot. When pellet strikes the paper, it generates a sound wave that is detected by the ultrasonic sensors. The sensors then convert this sound wave into an electrical signal, which is processed further to determine the position of the shot. The system uses this information to calculate the score and display it on the screen in real-time.

Easy Installation and User-friendly Interface:

Designed for easy installation in various settings, including home environments and shooting ranges, Tachus 10 Electronic Target System offers a user-friendly interface and advanced functionality. The system comes with a proprietary scoring software that can be installed on any Windows-based laptop or PC (running Windows 7/8/10) and allows users to personalize their training sessions, view shot placements in real-time and has options for analytics which can be very useful for coaches and shooters to identify patterns and mistakes.

Additional Features:

In addition to its accurate scoring capabilities, Tachus 10 Electronic Target System also comes with additional features such as an adjustable internal LED illumination system for the target face, a removable pellet-trap for easy maintenance, and the use of quality components from reputable vendors to ensure a long lifespan with minimal maintenance. It is a durable and affordable electronic target system that is an ideal choice for personal training and competitive shooting events.

Overall, Tachus 10 Electronic Target System is a reliable and effective solution for shooters looking to improve their skills and accuracy. It is designed to be both durable and affordable, making it an excellent choice for personal training and competitive shooting events. Reviews from our users can be found here (

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