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Advanced Ultrasonic Senors based Score detection Technology with Auto Calibration.

Patented Technology

 Accuracy in line with ISSF Standards.

Display Monitor

Display monitor with pre-installed software



Remote Hardware Health Diagnostics, Hardware Designed to last and for better user Experience and more...





Tachus 25 Rapid Fire Shooting Station is a specialized training tool designed specifically for the 25-meter rapid fire shooting event (5.6 mm, 0.22 Caliber). Developed and manufactured in India, it is the first ultrasonic electronic target system of its kind in the country and has been designed with the input and support of top national and international shooters following over three years of research. This ensures that the system is of the highest quality and provides accurate and consistent results, making it an excellent choice for shooters looking to improve their skills and accuracy in the rapid-fire event.


The system uses a reliable ultrasonic measurement method and requires a rubber band as a medium for score detection. This ensures that the results are accurate and consistent every time, making it a dependable training tool for shooters. The shooting station features a modular design, which allows it to be used for other shooting events such as sports pistol and standard pistol, making it a versatile training tool.


Tachus 25 Rapid Fire Shooting Station comes with a Windows OS based scoring software, which offers a range of useful features including a display of decimal scores with direction, series and match totals, a 4x zoom function, PDF report generation, and hardware health monitoring. The target and monitor are connected via a stable and reliable cable connection, allowing for consistently accurate results. The software is also able to display shot placements within a fraction of a second after firing, making it an essential tool for shooters looking to track their progress and fine-tune their technique.

Additional Features:

All five systems have green and red traffic lights which can be controlled by centralized system. They are set up in a trolley and equipped with a 5-fold gel granulate bullet trap. The bullet trap is a gel ball trap that is filled with granules, so there is no lead dust, the bullets are slowed down by the reclosing gel plate and caught in the granules. The lead can be separated from the granulate quite easily by simple sieving and put back into the collecting box. The gel plates can also be re-used by melting them again. This is an eco-friendly alternative that slows down and catches bullets using a reclosing gel plate and granules, with the lead easily separable and reusable through melting.

Overall, Tachus 25 Rapid Fire Shooting Station is an excellent choice for shooters looking to improve their skills and accuracy in the rapid-fire event, as well as other shooting events at the 25-meter distance. Its advanced measurement technology, user-friendly software, traffic lights and durable design make it a reliable and effective tool for shooters at all levels.

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