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Advanced Ultrasonic Senors based Score detection Technology with Auto Calibration.

Patent Pending 

 Accuracy in line with ISSF Standards.


Feature Rich Software with options like 4x Zoom, Match Report, Match Summary etc. Software is compatible with Windows 



Remote Hardware Health Diagnostics, Hardware Designed to last and for better user Experience and more...


25-meter ISSF shooting is a challenging and rewarding sport that requires a high level of skill and practice. The sport is growing in popularity, but it still faces challenges in terms of access to training facilities. One of the main reasons for this is the high cost of electronic target systems. Tachus Technology Private Limited addresses this issue by offering affordable and quality Tachus 25/50 Electronic Target Systems.

Tachus 25/50 Electronic Target System is an advanced training tool for sports pistol, standard pistol, and free pistol shooting events at 25 and 50 meters (5.6 mm, 0.22 Caliber). Developed and manufactured in India, it is the first ultrasonic electronic target system of its kind in the country. The system has been designed with input and support from top national and international shooters following over three years of extensive research.


Tachus 25/50 Electronic Target System uses a reliable ultrasonic measurement method and requires a rubber band as a medium for score detection. This ensures accurate and consistent results every time. When bullet strikes the rubber, it generates a sound wave that is detected by the ultrasonic sensors. The sensors then convert this sound wave into an electrical signal, which is processed further to determine the position of the shot. The system uses this information to calculate the score and display it on the screen in real-time.


The system also comes equipped with a Windows OS based scoring software, which offers a range of useful features including a display of decimal scores with direction, series, and match totals, a 4x zoom function, PDF report generation, and hardware health monitoring. The software also displays shot placements within a fraction of a second after firing, making it an essential tool for shooters looking to track their progress and fine-tune their technique.

Additional Features

One of the unique features of the Tachus 25/50 Electronic Target System is that it comes equipped with traffic lights (red and green) which can be controlled and set up by the software. This allows shooters to easily and quickly identify when they have hit the target. The system also comes with a stand to mount the target, which makes it easy to set up. The use of quality components from reputable vendors ensures a long lifespan with minimal maintenance.

Overall, Tachus 25/50 Electronic Target System is a quality choice for shooters looking to improve their skills and accuracy at the 25-meter ISSF Shooting Events. Its advanced measurement technology, user-friendly software, traffic lights and durable design make it a reliable and effective tool for shooters at all levels.

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