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Tachus 50 ETS

Tachus 50 Electronic Target System





The 50-meter ISSF shooting competition in India has grown substantially in recent years. In this event, the country has produced a number of top-ranked shooters. In addition, India has performed well at international competitions such as the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games in the 50-meter ISSF event. Increasing numbers of amateurs and professionals are competing in the sport throughout the country. However, Electronic Target Systems are still difficult to access for the majority of shooters. Tachus 50 Electronic Target System has been developed to address this issue. It is extremely inexpensive and simple to install and maintain. It is the first Indian electronic target system to employ ultrasonic technology for 50 Meter ISSF Shooting events, making it very accurate and appropriate for both training and competition. Tachus 50 Electronic Target System is suited for 50 Meter Free Pistol, 50 Meter Rifle Shooting Events. It can be used for personal training as well as for competitions.




Tachus 50 Electronic Target System uses a rubber band as a medium and when bullet strikes the rubber, it generates a sound wave that is detected by the ultrasonic sensors. The sensors then convert this sound wave into an electrical signal, which is processed further to determine the position of the shot. The system uses this information to calculate the score and display it on the screen in real-time.




Tachus 50 Electronic Target System comes with our Windows OS based software is loaded with features. Our software allows users to customize their training sessions and observe real-time shot locations. The software also allows users to evaluate their shooting performance by presenting decimal scores with direction, series, and match totals, a 4x zoom capability, the compilation of PDF reports, and the monitoring of hardware health.


Additional Attributes:


In addition to its precise scoring capabilities, Tachus 50 Electronic Target System is constructed from quality materials and components, making it simple to maintain and durable. The system is connected to a laptop or desktop computer through a robust and reliable cable connection. The system includes a two-year warranty for added piece of mind.


Overall, Tachus 50 Electronic Target System is a dependable and cost-effective option for shooters who are looking to develop their abilities and precision in 50 Meter shooting events.

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