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Tejas (Bangalore Rifle Shooters Academy, Bangalore, Karnataka) (User Since June, 2018)

We are using Tachus 10 Electronic Target System from December, 2018. We also saw and used initial prototypes. System has been really good. Support is Excellent. We get immediate response for any assistance. In 2020, We shifted range and re-installation of system to new location was very easy. We recommend this system to every range. It’s budget- friendly and easy to use.

Bharat Pathak (Glorious Rifle & Pistol Shooting Academy, Andhra Pradesh) (User Since May, 2019)

We are using Tachus Target System from 2019. All top shooters of our academy use it. One of our shooters has improved with Tachus and achieved her personal best score of 597(624). Service and support is very nice. My overall experience is very good and I recommend Tachus for all.

Manpreet Singh Bagga (Olympia Shooting Academy, Sagrur, Punjab) (User Since June, 2019)

We are using Tachus Electronic Targets in our range from year 2019. System works perfectly for Rifle and Pistol and shows results immediately. We have conducted multiple competitions on our systems successfully. The Support and service is very good. We get immediate response from company. Overall, We are happy to see an Indian company delivering quality products.

Shakthivel (Air Rifle Shooter) Chennai, Tamilnadu (User Since September, 2019)

It is really fantastic that we are no where down to any foreign products. It is not that there are no issues raising, but even the small and simple issues are immediately sorted out by them. That is the foremost thing I value them. Blindly, we can go for it. They are always accessible..

Emmanuel Antony Elenjimittom (Air Rifle Shooter), Kerala (User Since November, 2019)

I am Emmanuel Antony Elenjimittom (10m rifle shooting) .I have been using Tachus from November, 2019. The software is very good and it is very easy to handle , the accuracy is also perfect it is very user friendly , quick response for any kinds of doubts or issues. Software updates are informed and install by the company . Introduction of inbuilt led strip lights was very useful .No mechanical complaints was observed so far . I had a very good and wonderful experience with TACHUS 10M electronic target. It is the best target and it is very affordable .Thankyou Tachus for the giving me a great experience and support .

Ashok Choudhary (Parent), Bharuch, Gujarat (User Since December, 2019)

Very good system. Purchased for my son for practicing at home. After sale service is excellent.

Nikhil Rana (Air Rifle Shooter) Udampur, Jammu & Kashmir (User Since January, 2020)

I am using Tachus 10 Electronic Target System from January 2020. The best part is I can continue the same match next day. Tachus Software shows the time interval between the shots. After Sale Support and service is excellent. My overall experience with this system has been excellent.

Yogesh Ghangarekar (Badlapur Shooting Range, Badlapur, Maharsthra) (User Since February, 2020)

Nice instrument with nice service ,I will recommend to install this.

T.P. Prem Kumar (Air Pistol Shooter) Bangalore, Karnataka (User Since February, 2020)

I am using Tachus 10 system for quite some time. It's good system. I get a lot of clarity about my progress. Wonderful product.

Hemant Thokur (Parent), Bangalore, Karnataka (User Since June, 2020)

We have been using the Tachus target from June, 2020. All the features are on par with imported sytem. Not much issues with the software. No installation hazzles. All the features available in the software are very helpful. After sale support has been very good so far. Yes, people are very much approachable. We didn't face any issues with the service. Overall experience is very good. Tachus system, because of relatively low price has helped us very much. It is on par with imported system. Shooters are not finding any difference between Tachus system and imported system.

Naren Pranav (Air Rifle Shooter), Bangalore, Karnataka (User Since June, 2020)

I have been using Tachus 10 system from last June, 2020. I am very comfortable with the Software Interface. Brightness and clarity in target system is very nice. System is bulky compared to other targets but works perfectly fine.

Vikas Waghmore (Parent), Bangalore, Karnataka (User Since June, 2020)

My both kids are into shooting sports. My daughter Saanvi is a Pistol Shooter and my son Onkar is a Rifle Shooter.We are using Tachus Targets from June, 2020. Whenever there is any query, support is provided by Tachus which is really appreciatable. In our usage of two and half months, we have not gone through any problems such in the hardware. As due to corona pandemic conditions, we were not able to travel to our respective academy so we installed Tachus Electronic target at home and it has helped my children to practice and improve their shooting.

Shraddha Appicalaa (Air Rifle Shooter), Bangalore, Karnataka (User Since July, 2020)

I've been using Tachus 10 Electronic Target system from July, 2020.
I really like that after a  match I am able to view the exact time I took for each shot and that has really helped improve my performance. I also liked that I can do a match with any number of shots.This way I am able to view my scores at any stage of the match. If I have any small issue , I can contact the company  and they help me solve it immediately. I am extremely happy with the service. As someone who had never had a personal target , I had always thought that there would be complications. But , I was pleasantly surprised because the system was very easy to use. I would definitely recommend Tachus to anyone who is looking to get a personal target installed.

Rohith (Air Rifle Shooter), Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh (User Since August, 2020)

We are using Tachus System from August, 2020. We like Tachus 10 Meter Target System. After Sale support is good. Our Overall experience is good.

Maariya Mohammad Taneem (Air Rifle Shooter), Andhra Pradesh (User Since September, 2020)

I am using Tachus 10 Electronic system since last four months. I like this system very much, because its showing my score Accurately. Whenever I need any assistance, Tachus team responds like bullet speed. We can contact any time for service. Their commitment is commendable. I am feeling very happy with this system, my confidence levels are improving with system and Services. Thank you Tachus team for your kind cooperation and affection on players.

Leela Prasad (Air Pistol Shooter), Andhra Pradesh (User Since October, 2020)

I have been using Tachus from last four months. The timing of the every shot ,the brightness and the size of the machine that holds target which give national vibes. The service is readily available at any time and gives instant reply and till now I did not face any problem. I would give 5/5 for Tachus target machine and customer  service. Thank You for giving us experience of Tachus and I would look forward to buy other thing in your brand.

Raghvendra (Parent) Hyderabad, Telangana(User Since April, 2021)

We have been using  Tachus 10 Electronic Target System from About one year now. Our experience with system and company has been very good. The promoters have been so helpful that normally one can not imagine. When we received system, Our system had a small glitch and the promoter took so much hardship during the lockdown period to ship a new system and walked us through successful installation. Whenever they came up with an update, they took care to alert the shooters to download and guided them individually to install the update.I would encourage any shooter to buy Tachus and get the benefit of personalised support in all aspects. Keeping in view the pandemic situation and closure of academies, Tachus promoters took lot of hardship to create shooter groups and conducted online practice sessions and mock competitions so that the shooters did not loose touch and their practice continued. Further, they engaged an expert coach to view each shooter through online platforms and analyse their shooting and suggested corrections. 

My message to team of Tachus is to Keep the good work going on. You are a boon to budding shooters in India.

Gulahan Sharma (The Topex Academy of Rifle & Pistol Shooting, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh)
(User Since March 2021)

We are using Tachus 10 Electronic Target System from 2021
Our experience with system and company has been very good. Support team is always helpful. I would definitely recommend this system to others. I hope Tachus comes with cheaper rolls in future.

Akash Sharma (Akash Shooting Academy, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh)(User Since May, 2021)

I am using Tachus 10 Electronic Target System since May 2021. It's a great indian technology for shooters. Their team always replies immediately on call and message for any support. They are always ready to support. I've recommended this to fellow shooters and do so in future. I would like to thank Tachus Team for their online platform for the shooters, it's a great help for the players preparing for big goals .

Aviral Nigam (The Perfect Rifle Shooting Academy, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh)
(User Since May, 2021)

We are using Tachus 10 Electronic Target System in our range. System is satisfactory and reliable. We get 100% assistance and support for our queries. I highly recommend this product because of it's better and smooth functioning.

Sachin Jadhav
(S.S Rifle Shooting Academy, Islampur, Maharashtra)

(User Since October, 2021)

I have been using Tachus from October, 2021 and, I am really happy with the target system, service, support  and overall performance of the Company. I have also recommended a few to go with Tachus ETS.

Narayanan G
(Shooter/Parent, Kerala)

(User Since October, 2021)

I have introduced Tachus to two of my friends. Overall, I am  satisfied with the machine performance and company assistance. I think Tachus team can focus on availability of Consumables.

Ankit Jain
(Champion's Shooting Range, Mumbai, Maharashtra)

(User Since October, 2021)

The "timer" feature is great, which puts Tachus software in a special place among the other targets in the market. I am really happy with the company and its work.

Mehul Patel (Parent, Gujarat)

(User Since November, 2021)

My daughter is an Air Pistol Shooter and We have installed Tachus 10 ETS at our home. We are using system from last few months and overall it is very good and accurate machine. I would suggest Tachus team to upgrade their connection cables to army grade.

Sandeep Ramakrishnan (Tirupur, Tamilnadu)

I have been using Tachus 10 Electronic Target System from last one and half year. It's very nice worth the money spent and comparing to other brands the software results are too good with good prediction. They respond very well on time even now I had a doubt they just like that clarified and followed me till I am satisfied. Members , I am a person who does intense research on a product and then will go for it so I don’t think you need to do that just believe me close your eyes and go for it 
My message to Tachus is to keep working on with more outputs tough great boundaries which non other brands touched. Long way to go lot of hurdle to over come yet be strong 💪

Kamlesh Sonawane (The Masters Pistol and Rifle Club, Pune, Maharashtra)

We are using Tachus 10 Electronic Target System since October 2021.They are providing good service to us. They are very co operative. As my student also knew that at the time of national practice in range the machine was used from morning 6 am to 8.30 pm /9 pm..We ran the machine continusly. Connecting system to laptop is so easy and we like that. Overall, our experience is good with Machine and Tachus and we are happy for that.

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