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We are a customer-centric automation company (recognized as a "startup" by Government of India) based out of Bangalore. Our passionate team leverages the talents of technocrats and customer champions to build products that add value to processes. 

We believe that innovation and technology can solve most of the challenges of today's world such as globalization, competitiveness, ever increasing costs etc. We focus on the power of technology to build machines for Industrial Automation, Robotics, Defense and Sports Training. We work on technologies that help to improve production/business processes, bring up new-improved products and services to market.

Tachus electronic target scoring system for 10m air rifle and air pistol shooting sports is available in market. Tachus -25 and Tachus-50 are electronic targets for 25m and 50m shooting Segment. 

We work to solve problems using cutting edge technologies that offer value, challenges and excitement to the team.

If technology is your passion, we offer you the platform to explore and exhibit your skills. Currently, we are looking for interns in Mechanical, Electronics and Robotics. Dedicated, enthusiastic and innovative people are always welcome to join our team.

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