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Tachus 50/10 ETS

Tachus 50/10 Hybrid Electronic Target




Tachus 50/10 Electronic Target System is designed and developed for 50-meter rifle, 10-meter rifle and 10-meter pistol shooting events. It is perfectly suitable for competitive shooters who participate in both 10-meter and 50-meter rifle events and face the challenge of having to invest in two separate electronic target systems. Investing is two separate targets can not only be costly, but it also creates the inconvenience of having to switch between setups during practice and competitions. The Tachus 50/10 Hybrid Electronic Target System solves this problem by offering a versatile solution that works for both 10-meter air rifle and 50-meter rifle events.




Tachus 50/10 Electronic Target System employs a paper roll that automatically moves after each shot. When pellet strikes paper, a sound wave is generated that is detected by ultrasonic sensors. The sensors then transform this acoustic data into an electrical signal, which is then processed to establish the shot's location. This information is used by the system to calculate the score and display it in real-time on the screen.




The system includes proprietary software (Tachus Scoring Software) that can be installed on any Windows-based notebook or desktop computer (Windows 7/8/10 OS). This feature-rich software is designed to meet modern sporting needs and allows users to personalize their training sessions. The cable connection between the system and the computer ensures that shot results are displayed almost instantly. 


Additional Attributes:


Tachus 50/10 Hybrid Electronic Target System has an inbuilt LED illumination for the target face that is customizable. A pellet collector is offered for 10-meter small bore rifle competitions, while a bullet collector is given for 50-meter competitions. In addition, the system includes two front doors, one with a thickness of 1.5mm for 10-meter events and another with a thickness of 5mm for 50-meter rifle events. The changeover time is only 10 minutes, which makes it comfortable and simple to use. The system is simple to maintain and long-lasting. It comes with a 2-year warranty.


Overall, Tachus 50/10 system is a cost-effective and practical option for 10 meter and 50-meter rifle shooters who wish to train and compete with a single, high-performance system. This can help them prepare for multiple events and save them a substantial amount of money.

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